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May 2004


Spring has begun its cycle of multiple days of torrential rain followed by the single glorious sunny warm day that reminds us that the season is on the threshold of change. Mother Nature teases us until the bitter end. All that is old renews itself.

I always find myself at this time of year thinking of changes. Losing ten pounds, reading that book that has sat on my desk for weeks, an extra day at the gym, perhaps even learning Dutch so that I can someday speak to my goddaughter in her native language. This is part of the cycle of life, the endless possibilities of spring.

Companies have cycles as well. The growth and expansion of a healthy, viable company is usually followed by the planned plateau of regrouping and refocus that allows us to better service our clients.

Our winter has been busy implementing a very complex but helpful software program that is the backbone of our infrastructure. Under the very capable and watchful eye of Janis Mayo we began using our new system January 1, 2004 after 12 months of development.

This new system allows us to maintain and update owner profiles, medical restrictions, deviations and order status in ways that we never dreamed possible. The ability to take raw information and utilize it as a tool to streamline and simplify our process allows us to redirect attention and energy on quality.

We're proud of the hard work that Janis Mayo and her team have put into this behind the scene improvement. While it's not as dramatic as a new recipe or some revolutionary piece of packaging, it is none the less an important component of our day to day commitment to improving our level of service.

There's plenty more of these ideas coming from all levels of Rudy's Inflight and we welcome any opinion you may have on these or any other changes that we make.

Enjoy the spring, summer is upon us.

Joe & John Celentano



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