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Rudy’s is delivering catering requests to all airports between the hours of 0300 and 2000 during the COVID-19 crisis. The peak day cancellation policy shall apply to all orders regardless of their deliver location as follows:

Peak Days – this policy applies to all airports serviced by Rudy’s Inflight Catering

Same day orders are not guaranteed.

Eight Hour Notice - This pertains to all cold food items, liquor and other goods that are In-stock items.  If an item is a stock item and not one that has been specially ordered or prepared, you are allowed an eight-hour period before your delivery to cancel without being charged.  Any time within eight hours of your delivery you will be charged for all items ordered.

Twelve Hour Notice - Since any request that involves cooking also involves preparation, the cancellation time is a twelve-hour period.  This allows us not only the time required cooking and preparing, but also an acceptable time period to adequately chill the product to insure proper food handling procedures are followed. 

ASAP or Rush Orders - Any order placed with less than six hours notice will automatically be classified as an ASAP can not be cancelled. Since an ASAP order is one that requires our entire staff to stop what ever else they may be doing and get this particular type of order out as fast as possible, the charge for any items ordered would be billed.  When placing this form of request, it is imperative to state how much time we are being given to deliver.  If the request is for a delivery within ten minutes at JFK, our customer service department would not be able to take this request and therefore not be able to charge for a service that is not feasible.

Special Orders - A Special order would be an item that must either be shopped or ordered from a vendor specifically for your order.  Since this would entail us either sending an employee out to purchase this item or arranging for a vendor to make a special delivery of this item; we require a twelve-hour cancellation period.   Any cancellation after this period would require us to bill you for the item in full.

Recipes - While we welcome any recipes that a client may wish for us to make,  We must also shop and spend a considerable period of time making these items that are new for our kitchen staff.  Because of this we require a twelve-hour cancellation on any recipe requests.

It has always been and always will be our policy to facilitate the needs and request of our clients, however with the increase in order requests we believe these policies are both fair and beneficial to all of our customers.
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