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Other catering companies are always calling us and asking us how they can succeed in the corporate aircraft catering business. At first, we were flattered by the attention. Nothing makes you believe that you know more than you actually do faster than a bunch of strangers asking you how to do something.

The truth is there is no secret recipe at Rudy’s Inflight Catering. No smoke, hopefully no mirrors, just a basic formula that we have believed in for over 25 years and still believe in today.

So here it finally is, straight from the horse’s mouth. Take two brothers who genuinely like each other and who share the same work ethic and passion for building and nurturing something from the ground up. Add dedicated and equally passionate employees who share a sense of pride and devotion to not just a job, but a career and then add clients that appreciate the energy and concern you bring to the table every day.

On top of all that build a facility that is bright, modern and innovative and that inspires people to be their best in a safe, encouraging environment. Maintain that building in a manner that instills pride and self worth.

Please don’t think for even a moment that I am going to tell you that Rudy’s Inflight is some Utopian place without it’s share of problems, drama and heartache. We have our share and possibly some of yours each and every day, but never a day goes by with one of us saying that we were bored or unchallenged. The human equation is the wild card that remains untamable and unpredictable, but also the most rewarding.

Rudy’s Inflight Catering has grown over the past twenty-five years from a 2,000 square foot kitchen to a 17,000 square foot building by remaining focused on the elements that we believed in 25 years ago. Quality, Service, Value and Focus remain the elements that our clients have come to expect and deserve.

We have no secrets to our success to share, just the belief that hard work and devotion make the difference between a growing, dynamic company and a place that you simply do business with.

Thanks for letting us grow with you, the first 25 years have been great, and the next 25 will be even better.

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