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Children’s Menu
Designed just with them in mind, kids will love these fun and tasty meal selections highlighted below.  Please inquire about receiving Rudy’s Children’s Menu to see a complete list of all our new fares.

Flying Silver Saucers

Breakfast box including fluffy silver dollar pancakes served with butter, real Vermont maple syrup, and your choice of breakfast meat accompanied by milk or juice.
Extra Terrestrial Veggie Bowl

A selection of cut vegetable sticks ranging from carrots, celery and sugar snap peas served with ranch dressing and peanut butter.
Cosmo Chicken Fingers

Crispy chicken fingers with your choice of dipping sauce served with chips, a fresh fruit cup, and a Rudy’s homemade chocolate brownie.
Solar Sliders

Mini cheeseburgers served with crispy french fries, a refreshing fruit cup, and freshly baked cobbler.
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